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KANDICE K*A*S*H IS KALLING ALL SOULJAHZ HOME the young age of 10, and then moved to Toronto, Canada at 16 years old. Residing in Malvern Scarborough, that’s where I developed my talents and fell in love with Reggae music. Cash rules everything around me, cream get the money. My peers called me Cashmoney because that was always my focus in all things. Then in 2003 I got baptized and decided to make a change in my life. I repurposed myself and my nickname for a new mission ‘Kalling All Souljahz Home’. I believe home is where the heart is and as a Soul for Jah, I needed to change my priorities and put God first. My new purpose is to create music that will change the heart of man. Who have eyes will see and those who have ears will hear the messages being sent from the Most High God from within. RX: When did you start singing and why reg- gae? KK: I grew up in a musical family, so my love for music was inevitable. I started singing in church at a very young age and when I migrated to NYC at the tender age of 10, I got more inter- ested in R&B, Jazz/Soul and Hip Hop music. In moving to Canada I started off writing R&B songs and eventually changed my style to reg- gae after deciding to change my purpose in life. Why Reggae? I’m not sure why, because I’m very versatile and I can sing most genres of music. Reggae soothes my soul and it feels more comfortable for me to bring the message I have stored within. RX: Do you write your own songs? What or who inspires you? KK: I am a singer and songwriter, the majority of the lyrics from my tracks I wrote myself. I do have collaborations in writing with others, but I do most of the writings myself. My new inspira- tion is my children. I have two sons Kalani and Kyan and I do this for them. They’re my muses. RX: Who is Kandice K*A*S*H? How did you come by your name? KK: KANDICE K*A*S*H is a singer songwriter born on July 18 in the city of Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. I grew up on the Hills of Laventille, Block 22 and lived in Gonzales Village, Guapo. I migrated to New York City at RX: Tell us about the making of your single “Spliff and Mi Lighta”. KK: Originally the lyrics were written for an R&B/Hip-Hop music project that an Author from Toronto was working on for one of their books called “Videolight”. I later re-recorded the track on the Reggae Land Riddim and it was released by Street Digital. RX: How many singles or albums have you released to date? KK: Hmm, I’ve released over five singles to date but haven’t released an official album as yet. That’s still to come. RX: What are your short and long term goals for your music career? KK: Short term goals are to release an album and launch my official website; long term goals are to create positive works that will enable me to tour the Earth musically, to see many places and put smiles on all the many faces. RX: Challenges you face as a female reggae artiste. KK: Hmm, well ‘they say’ it’s a man’s world but it ain’t nothing without the women. As a female reggae artiste it’s not easy in the Canadian music fraternity. I can only speak for myself but I feel like I’m sometimes overlooked or under- rated because I am a female and not because of my musical abilities. RX: Tell us something about Kandice that we don’t know. KK: Well, you don’t know that my family calls me ‘Fruit Loops’ because growing up that was my favorite cereal. Ha ha ha. But seriously my journey wasn’t an easy one, I’m grateful to be where I am now and I pray to go further in my musical career with God’s Grace. RX: Anything you would like to add? KK: For those of you unfamiliar with Ms. Kandice K*A*S*H, get to know the artiste, google the name, check out the links below, download the music. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube @mskandicekash; Reverbnation @kallingallsoldiershome #mskandicekash RX: Any shout outs or big ups? KK: Giving thanks to the Most High God for blessing me with a voice to sing and the skills to write lyrics and create melodies. Big ups to my family, friends and fans for their continued love and support throughout my musical journey; Salute and shout out to all the members of Team K*A*S*H but just to name a few, Dappa D (my Dad), June Niles (my Mom), Leron, Bernice, Fada Yang, Karen ‘Karden’ Kelly (my stylist), Krista (Trinikd), Ms. Flava, Symba Lion, Natoya, Zane, Adrienne, Danita and the many others who has always pushed me towards my musical goals. Big up ReggaeXclusive Magazine for the blessed opportunity, sending love and blessings to everyone, One Perfect Love. reggaeXclusive -- Web Site: --- Phone: 416-519-0831 -- Email: Pg - 9