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HEALTH WATCH THE HISTORY AND MAGIC OF FRANKIN- CENSE AND MYRHH By: Trisha Smith R.H.N, C.H T he sacred use of Frankincense and Myrhh incense dates all the way back to the ancient Khemetians, where it was used for daily rites, funerary, mummification rituals, deity veneration and cele- bration. The smoky combination of these two incenses was used as invocations to the deities Anubis, Osiris and Ra. When the resins from this Tree were used as essential oils, they take on a femi- nine form, evoking the Goddess Isis. Frankincense possesses the ability to commune with various divine orders, including angelic spirits, spirit guides and ascended Gods/Masters like His Imperial Majesty, who carries our love and prayers to the higher worlds. It helps keep our heart pure. It also allows us to be understanding and compassionate. The magical com- ponent of Frankincense is called trahydroccanabinole, which is what allows our consciousness to expand as we inhale its aromatic odor. The resin is also burned to free the ill of evil spirits and to purge the body and soul. Frankincense resin can also be steeped as a Tea and used for coughs and colds, asthma, bron- chitis, diabetes, ulcers, digestive disorders and as a sexual tonic or aphrodisiac. The earthy and grounding aroma of Myrhh can been used to treat the common cold, influenza and halitosis. The food grade essential oil contains anticancer, anti-parasitic, antifun- gal and antioxidant benefits when diffused and inhaled. The highest grade of these two oils is still sourced from Somalia and Ethiopia. Myrhh also contains its own set of spiritual properties which include healing, purifying, relieving mental and physical anguish and releasing past emo- tional blockages. The synergistic harmony of the two resins allows us to deepen our spiritual connec- tions, assist meditation and main- tain a consecrated space. The use of Frankincense and Myrhh has become somewhat commercial in the Western world now, burned on a daily basis for its fragrant smell, as the sacred attrib- utes it harnesses is forgotten. Let us always be reminded of the power these resins hold as we embrace and utilize it to our bene- fit. FADA PRICE Body Rock Video Coming Soon The Long Awaited Dancing Video Soon To Hit the Streets Bagga Records Productions Directed by Fada Price & K-Fresh ‘theknemesis’ For Bookings: (647) 205-5614 E: OR Facebook @Fada Price; Instagram @fada_price reggaeXclusive -- Web Site: --- Phone: 416-519-0831 -- Email: Pg - 20