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Robert Butcher , Design Services Manager at ACO Water Management , comments : “ The ACO HexDrain ® Brickslot is ideally suited to this kind of project , where style truly must meet substance . Manufactured from recycled polypropylene and with a 10mm tapered inlet slot to achieve maximum discretion , it is perfectly suited to the principles associated with this type of project . The channels also clip together for quick and easy installation , ensuring minimal disruption to live projects .”
As part of the Wandsworth extension , the HexDrain ® Brickslot channel was installed using a concrete slab and screed both internally and externally , to support the ceramic tiling adjacent to the channel . In-keeping with the overall theme of the project , Chris approaches drainage with a compelling mindset :
“ I think that the word ‘ drainage ’ can often be an unhelpful phrase , conjuring images of overflowing gutters and blocked sewers . It ’ s better to think of this process as rainwater management , and to embrace the movement of water as a key part of a design , as opposed to seeing it as an obstacle that must be overcome .
“ Think about how water can improve a site by using ponds , natural drainage , and retaining water wherever possible to reduce flooding downstream . And when products are used , consider how the look and feel of drainage channels can complement the overall design and ethos of a project . By way of an example , we ’ re currently working on a new carbon neutral home in the South Downs , and have specified HexDrain ® Brickslot as part of the rainwater management solution .”
A DESIGN TO BE PROUD OF Alongside a Wandsworth Design Award for Residential Extension , the Herondale project has also been granted a Structural Engineering Award from the Institute of Structural Engineers , and a commendation in the Architects Journal Specification Awards . It is indicative of a growing trend within architecture to sustainability at the heart of designs , and evidence of the importance of integrating nature , rather than fighting it .
The role that drainage – or rainwater management – plays in controlling the significant amount of rain means it is an integral part of any project . It is this type of project that helps to illustrate the benefits of biophilic design and adopting a holistic mind-set to building and landscaping . It ’ s a philosophy that continues to inform the work of One-World Design , expressed most spectacularly in projects such as Herondale .
HARNESSING THE ELEMENTS Ensuring that rainwater did not infiltrate the property was naturally an important consideration , and yet it was crucial that the drainage channel chosen would be unobtrusive , and contribute to the aesthetic melding of inside and out . Owing to its minimalistic design and strong hydraulic performance , the decision was made to opt for ACO HexDrain ® Brickslot .
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