Refurbishment and Restore Issue 19 2020 - Page 14

Hollybush, Sevenoaks, Kent At Hollybush in Sevenoaks, the Adams+Collingwood Architects team has showcased the vast potential that a sloped garden provides. They worked with the homeowner to convert a standard specification developer house from the 1990s into a bespoke, sumptuous house that really is one of a kind. From the front of the house, it’s hard to tell the difference from the original structure. However, from the rear the house looks completely different, with two large, sunlit principle rooms overlooking a terrace and flat garden lawn. 14 - The extra space was achieved by digging into the side of the hill on which the original home was built. Adams+Collingwood Architects used the sloping land to maximise the potential for internal space without massive new external volumes. Key to the project was working with the original developer spec – not alienating it but simply making it finer. The basement- level excavation was large enough to encompass the area below the existing stair. This allowed the existing stair to remain intact, while Adams+Collingwood Architects extended it down to serve the new lower floor level. The existing balustrade was rebuilt, and the spindles were reduced from 35mm to 19mm square sections in order to create a more elegant feel. Floor to ceiling windows that run along almost the entire length of the lower floor mean that the new rooms are full of light. Glazing bars and mouldings were finessed to deliver a finer and more sophisticated impact. For the large, sliding glazing, bronze thin mullioned doors and windows were used.