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EO REPORT Winter can often be associated with hibernating and laying low but this is exactly when our winter sport pros and enthusiasts are in full flight! Whether high altitude snow sports are on your action agenda or not, this edition of ReFuel brings you great insights and nutrition information to keep you motivated, well-fuelled and fighting fit during the cooler months. Did you know hydration remains just as important during winter? That altitude can have an impact on your appetite and weight? Learn more about these important elements as well as the benefits or otherwise of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) machines, whether we need to supplement our immune systems during winter and how to combat the negative impact the cooler months can have on our motivation levels and nutritional intake. Soak up another edition of credible, evidence-based nutrition information from Australia’s leading sports nutrition experts. Remember, our bodies are as unique as we are and a one size approach does not fit all, so team up with a qualified Accredited Sports Dietitian to guide you through your winter goals. Stay warm, stay fit! CONTENTS 3 Fuelling for Snow-based Sports 5 Building Muscle Patiently – Young Athletes 6 Chewing the Fat with Dr. Dom 7 Healthy Satay Sauce and a Fuel – Filled Pasta 8 Your Winter Food Survival Guide 11 Plant – Based Toast Toppers 12 How To Stay Motivated Across Winter Marie Walters EO, Sports Dietitians Australia 13 Meatless Lasagne 14 Zinc and Vitamin C – To Supplement or Not During Winter? EDITOR’S NOTE Winter – love it or hate it, embrace it with as much warmth as you can and keep your immunity and gut health well fuelled with the many great recipes and strategies from our talented Accredited Sports Dietitians. Purchasing vitamins and minerals over this time appears to be a frequent habit of some – but do you or children really need? Could they be doing more harm than good in large doses? Hear from Olympic 1500m specialist and Accredited Sports Dietitian Linden Hall about her thoughts on Vitamin C and Zinc - and if you’re planning on assessing body composition with your local BIA machine – perhaps explore other methods of assessment, with your Accredited Sports Dietitian or Exercise Physiologist. 15 Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis – Worth Your Time? 16 Calendar of Tips & Events For those trekking to the Australian mountains this snow season– Thredbo, Perisher, Bulla, Hotham, Falls Creek, Mt Mawson or Ben Lomond – learn from our talented Advanced Sports Dietitian Beccy Hall, as she shares her great tips and knowledge to ensure your health, training and performance is at it’s peak! And to all of the parents of young athletes, ensure you read this case study by Samantha Coppinger, currently working across AFL football and netball, to help inform your young ones’, about lean muscle mass development. We do hope that you stay warm and well over the wintery months – until our spring edition, take care and be sure to enlighten your communities and clients with the knowledge from our great members. Jess Rothwell Accredited Sports Dietitian NEVER MISS AN ISSUE! SUBSCRIBE HERE Sports Dietitians Australia Our corporate partners Sports House, Level 2, 375 Albert Road South Melbourne VIC 3206 Phone: +61 3 9699 8634 Email: [email protected] Web: Powered by n4 food and health Proudly partnering with SDA to help active Australians reach their potential. Web: Email: [email protected] 2 ReFuel Magazine Winter 2019 SUBSCRIBE HERE We advise that the information contained in this magazine does not negate personal responsibility on the part of the reader for their own health and safety. Individual tailored advice is recommended to be sought from your medical practitioner or Accredited Sports Dietitian. SDA, the publishers and their respective employees, agents and authors are not liable for injuries or damage occasioned to any person as a result of reading the following information contained in this magazine. Opinions expressed by the authors in this magazine do not necessarily reflect those of SDA or any of its production or publishing team. Copyright ©2018 All rights reserve.