ReFuel WINTER 2018 - Page 8

TRAIN YOUR GUT HOW TO MAKE SMARTER FIBRE CHOICES 25-30g For great gut health you should aim for at least 25-30g of fibre each day. Remember to choose and time foods wisely ahead of exercise - a lower fibre option before a key training session or event is advisable to prevent potential GI upsets! BREAKFAST LOW FIBRE SNACKS HIGH FIBRE LOW FIBRE TOTAL FIBRE 1g TOTAL FIBRE TOTAL FIBRE 1.1g 7.1g HIGH FIBRE LUNCH LOW FIBRE TOTAL FIBRE 8.8g HIGH FIBRE SNACKS LOW FIBRE TOTAL FIBRE TOTAL FIBRE 4.7g 17g TOTAL FIBRE 3.2g DINNER LOW FIBRE HIGH FIBRE HIGH FIBRE TOTAL FIBRE 10.7g TOTAL FIBRE 2g 8 ReFuel Magazine Winter 2018 TOTAL FIBRE 16.1g