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ASK THE EXPERT JESSICA ROTHWELL, SPORTS DIETITIAN Chewing the fat and quashing those myths with the leaders in sports nutrition QUESTION: MILK MAKES ME FEEL QUEASY – WHY AND HOW ELSE CAN I MEET MY CALCIUM AND PROTEIN NEEDS? QUESTION: WHAT SHOULD I EAT TO ENSURE GREAT GUT HEALTH? ANSWER: Milk contains a naturally occurring sugar called lactose (the ‘D’ in FODMAPs known as Disaccharide) As we get older, the enzyme (lactase) which digests lactose in our small intestine diminishes and some people simply don’t tolerate it as well. This may cause looser bowel motions, wind and stomach discomfort/bloating and or pain. If you’re stressed or anxious, symptoms may also be exacerbated. To continue meeting your calcium and protein needs, look for; a fortified soy milk (~120mg/100ml of calcium) or trial Zymil or Liddell’s lactose free dairy range or new dairy products including, Danone Yo Pro Yoghurts, Rokeby Farms Smoothies or Barambah Organics lactose free varieties. Probiotic foods that may assist in supporting digestive and immune health include: ¾ ¾ Fermented vegetables including sauerkraut, pickles and kimchi ¾ ¾ Yoghurt – ensure probiotics are listed on the panel! ¾ ¾ Filmjolk by Rokeby Farms ¾ ¾ Miso ¾ ¾ Kefir, buttermilk ¾ ¾ Kombucha and kombucha tea IS YOUR GUT AS FIT AS IT COULD BE? Discover how well your gut microbiome can digest nutrients and its metabolic potential to produce BCAAs, SCFAs & vitamins. Test your hidden potential for peak performance now! Click here and discover 6 ReFuel Magazine Winter 2018 Prebiotic foods that will assist in the development and maintenance of a healthy digestive system include: ¾ ¾ Greenish bananas and banana flour ¾ ¾ Wheat based foods including pasta, cous-cous, rye, oats, barley (whole grains) ¾ ¾ Garlic, onions, beetroot and fennel ¾ ¾ Leftover cooked spuds! ¾ ¾ Beans and legumes ¾ ¾ Cashews and pistachios Receive a personalised interactive, online report