ReFuel WINTER 2018 - Page 3

THE GUT-MIND CONNECTION WITH JOSH REED Your gut, your second brain, your bugs and butterflies! T hose butterflies in your stomach actually hold some scientific truth. As a matter of fact, your gastrointestinal (GI) system contains millions of nerves that branch from your gut, all the way up to your brain. Further to this, your gut produces neurotransmitters that send signals along that gut-brain highway, as well as containing buckets of bacteria that do all sorts of things that impact on your brain. We call all this ‘The Gut-Mind Connection’. And remarkably, it has been linked to alterations in mood, anxiety, depression, memory, food cravings, eating behaviours and ultimately life choices. THE BODY’S SECOND BRAIN Dubbed the body’s second brain, the gut contains over 500 million neurons and plays a crucial role in both GI health and many other body functions, including those in the mind. Interestingly, gut neurons and neurotransmitters are