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CEO REPORT Demystifying the many terms, myths and messages in the gut health space is a daunting project, but our aim in this edition of ReFuel is to help you understand more about whether ‘your gut is fit’! Many athletes experience issues when training for an event, issues on the event day or working on their daily routine. Understanding what your gut is telling you about your health can be tricky. From ‘runners tummy’, FODMAP diets, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), gut flora, microbiome, good bacteria, absorbing nutrients, probiotics and more. You may have many more queries or thoughts on what gut health means to you. In this edition of ReFuel you’ll hear from the experts in sports dietetics and nutrition on issues that you may have had a taste of, or know someone who has. Sports Dietitians work with scientific research-based information and provide the best advice. If you want more information about combatting gut issues when you train and how to get the best performance from your body through plans that suit you and your gut, it’s best to consult a Sports Dietitian for one-on-one consultation. We welcome you to share ReFuel with your sporting enthusiast buddies and spread the word of how and where to find the best information to fuel your body for fitness. Happy training! CONTENTS 3 The gut-mind connection 5 How to minimise GI upsets – when it matters the most! 6 Chewing the fat and quashing those myths with our expert 7 Sweet and savoury recipes to excite your gut bugs 8 Train your gut – making smarter fibre choices Bev Friend CEO, Sports Dietitians Australia 11 From runner’s shame to success 12 Purposeful probiotics and IBS management EDITOR’S NOTE Gut fit, gut health, the gut microbiome, gut goodness…welcome to our Winter edition of ReFuel! This edition focuses on sharing insights and practical strategies to overcome common gut issues experienced by athletes from a variety of sports. Whilst we understand and encourage a varied and nutrient rich diet , one that is coloured in plant based and fibrous foods that are critical to optimising digestive health, supporting robust immunity and fostering a healthy mind and mass - sometimes, eating too much of these nourishing foods before specific training sessions or competitions, can be detrimental to training quality and destroy our performance! 13 Gut-friendly granola – Low FODMAP alternative 15 Achieve personal best performance 16 Upcoming events and how to prepare We hope this edition and the credible contributions from our Accredited Sports Dietitians continue to provide you with the knowledge and practical strategies to continue maximising your personal physical training, gut health and performance goals. And, if you haven’t already, make contact with an Accredited Sports Dietitian near you for even more personalised advice to achieve a new level of success. Jess Rothwell Sports Dietitian Sports Dietitians Australia Our corporate partners Sports House, Level 2, 375 Albert Road South Melbourne VIC 3206 Phone: +61 3 9699 8634 Email: Web: Powered by n4 food and health Proudly partnering with SDA to help active Australians reach their potential. Web: Email: 2 ReFuel Magazine Winter 2018 We advise that the information contained in this magazine does not negate personal responsibility on the part of the reader for their own health and safety. Individual tailored advice is recommended to be sought from your medical practitioner or Accredited Sports Dietitian. SDA, the publishers and their respective employees, agents and authors are not liable for injuries or damage occasioned to any person as a result of reading the following information contained in this magazine. Opinions expressed by the authors in this magazine do not necessarily reflect those of SDA or any of its production or publishing team. Copyright ©2018 All rights reserve.