ReFuel WINTER 2018 - Page 16

UPCOMING EVENTS 18 BER 20 M E C E D O T PTEMBER SE 15-16 SEP AMY’S GRAN FONDO A combination of sweet snacks is a great idea to avoid flavour fatigue! Don’t forget your fluids and consider electrolytes if you are a heavy or salty sweater! MORE TIPS }} ALL MONTH TEAM SPORTS For winter team sports the season finals are an important time to practice good recovery strategies, including adequate sleep, hydration and recovering with a meal rich in whole grain carbohydrates and lean protein. MORE TIPS }} 6-7 OCT COOLANGATTA GOLD To minimise any gastrointestinal problems ahead of a long day – aim for low fibre and low fat foods! A suitable dinner option may be a large portion of rice with chicken skewers and small side salad. MORE TIPS }} 16 22-24 SEP AUSTRALIAN TAEKWONDO NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS Making weight can be a challenge – to ensure you are not at risk of compromising your performance and implementing safe strategies for weigh in, see an Accredited Sports Dietitian. MORE TIPS }} 6 OCT WESTERN SYDNEY SPARTAN RACE To the beast racers out there – make good use of the hydration packs provided by the event and aim for a carbohydrate rich breakfast 2-3 hours prior as well as a carbohydrate bar or gel during. MORE TIPS }} 14 OCT MEDIBANK MELBOURNE MARATHON FESTIVAL Start training your gut now with different carbohydrate and hydration products that will be well tolerated in the race ~ look for a 2:1 glucose:fructose gel for maximal glucose uptake! MORE TIPS }} 18-21 OCT MASTERS ROAD NATIONALS 18-21 OCT CAPE TO CAPE Older (and wise!) athletes should boost their protein intake to help prevent age related loss of muscle mass and to maintain strength and power on the bike - aim for 4-5 protein rich hits across the day. MORE TIPS }} Plan your carbohydrate snacks well during this epic ride and aim to refuel each evening with a large carbohydrate meal to replace muscle glycogen. MORE TIPS }} ReFuel Magazine Winter 2018