ReFuel WINTER 2018 - Page 14

Will a2 Milk™ improve my digestive wellbeing? a2 Milk™ does not contain A1 beta-casein protein which has been shown to release the opioid BCM-7 on digestion. a2 Milk™ only contains A2 beta-casein protein and the structure of A2 beta-casein limits the release of BCM-7 on digestion. Opioids in the gut may affect gut motility and absorption processes which may affect the digestive wellbeing of some people. a2 Milk™ can help to reduce digestive discomfort in some people who have difficulty digesting ordinary cows’ milk. There is a growing body of scientific evidence that supports the unique benefits of a2 Milk™. From active adults to tiny tummies, a2 Milk™ can be enjoyed by the whole family * This Tiny Tummies recipe booklet contains nutrition information and food ideas for toddlers Click here for recipe booklet *Water and pasteurised full cream cows’ milk are the preferred drinks for toddlers. Cows’ milk should not be given as a main drink to infants under 12 months of age.