ReFuel Summer 2019:20 - Page 8

NUTRITIONAL CONSIDERATIONS FOR EXERCISING IN THE HEAT Summertime Strategies hen we exercise in the heat, our body’s normal response is to allow more blood flow to the skin to transfer heat away from the body. However, this compromises blood flow to the muscle and gastrointestinal system. An increase in sweating also occurs to help move heat out of the body. These responses influence the strain of exercise, and can cause disturbances to gastrointestinal health. W Following are some key nutrition strategies to consider when exercising in the heat. 8 ReFuel Magazine Summer 2019-20 HYDRATION CARBOHYDRATE INTAKE When exercising in hot ambient conditions, start exercise well hydrated (ensure a normal amount of water in the body). For most people drinking according to thirst and within your individual tolerance levels is adequate to achieve this, but if unsure, an Accredited Sports Dietitian can help you determine your individual sweat losses and the need to drink during exercise. During exercising in the heat, carbohydrate not only helps fuel exercise but also helps with hydration and is an important nutrient that helps protect the gut from injury during exercise. Where applicable, consume carbohydrate before and during exercise in small and frequent amounts. The total amount will depend on the individual and their need to fuel the training session or competition and gut tolerance. SUBSCRIBE HERE