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JAN LANCELIN OCEAN CLASSIC 9-12 It is often not possible to access fluids during competition. This emphasises the requirement to rehydrate appropriately after an event. Water should be the priority but sports drinks may be useful if competing in a number of rounds in close succession, as they provide electrolyte for hydration as well as carbohydrates to top up fuel needs. MORE TIPS }} JAN 2020 SANTOS TOUR DOWN UNDER 16-26 JAN 20 - FEB 2 FEB Getting your recovery right when competing over consecutive days is crucial, so ensure you choose nutrient-rich choices that contain carbohydrates (fuel), protein (muscle repair) and fluids and electrolytes (to replace sweat losses). MORE TIPS }} AUSTRALIAN OPEN 2020 Unexpected situations (e.g. rain, long previous game) can delay the start of matches. It is a good idea to have a back up store of carbohydrate rich foods in your tennis bag so that you can top up fuel stores as needed while you wait. MORE TIPS }} BOWL-A-RAMA 17-18 Individual nutrition requirements will be determined by training load and goals, competition schedule, specific athlete needs, body composition goals, health, and adjustment for growth in younger athletes. Working with an Accredited Sports Dietitian can help you determine your nutrition requirements. MORE TIPS }} FEB 21 - MAR 8 When fuelling for a match, eat enough food to feel comfortable (but not overfull). Carbohydrate rich fluids such as smoothies or liquid meals can be good if you are prone to stomach upset from eating solid food before a game. MORE TIPS }} FEB 23 ICC WOMEN’S T20 WORLD CUP ROTTNEST CHANNEL SWIM Most people will experience tiredness or fatigue at some stage during training for long events such as open water swims. Adequate nutrition is often overlooked as a contributing factor to fatigue, and in many cases, a simple change in eating habits can increase energy levels and improve performance. MORE TIPS }} SUBSCRIBE HERE Summer 2019-20 ReFuel Magazine 17