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UPCOMING EVENTS DEC 19-22 DEC - ER DECEMB 20 RY 20 A U R B E 9-F 201 AUSTRALIAN PGA CHAMPIONSHIP As golf is largely a game of skill, and requires a high level of concentration to be sustained over several hours or more, it is very important golfers drink sufficient fluid to maintain good hydration levels. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, reduced skill performance, impaired ability to focus and concentrate for longer periods. MORE TIPS }} CHRISTMAS 25 Merry Christmas everyone! If you are looking for a delicious and nutritious meal to add to the Christmas table, look no further. These beefy, quinoa and veggie stuffed capsicums will keep the whole family happy. MORE TIPS }} DEC DOMAIN TEST SERIES V NEW ZEALAND (2ND TEST) 26-30 DEC As with many team sports, there is a culture of alcohol immediately after matches. Excessive alcohol intake >2std drinks, can negatively impact recovery as it affects rehydration, refuelling, muscle repair and can increase inflammation to any tissue damaged in play. Recovery choices are critical when playing multiple games in a day or backing up for another game/ training the next day. MORE TIPS }} SYDNEY TO HOBART YACHT RACE 26-31 During offshore sailing events the length of the event and weight of supplies are important to consider, as are the nutritional content of the supplies taken on board. Food supplies need to provide carbohydrate, protein, fluids, as well as total energy intake, and must be of high nutritional value to ensure adequate fuel, and hydration. MORE TIPS }} JAN - NEW YEARS DAY 1 JAN - 12 16 ReFuel Magazine Summer 2019-20 Here’s to a new year! Looking your start your year right? With whole grains, fruit, and dairy, this Summer porridge recipe ticks all the boxes by providing us with lots of nutrients for an active and healthy brain and body. MORE TIPS }} TWO BAYS TRAIL RUN It’s relatively common for distance runners to experience some gut issues, often to the extent where performance is affected. Although it is challenging to replicate race-day circumstances, using training runs is a good time to practise event day nutrition to determine what sits well and fuels the body well. MORE TIPS }} SUBSCRIBE HERE