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EO REPORT Welcome to Summer! Such a wonderful time of year where we are outdoors a lot more, enjoying the warmer days and balmy evenings. This time of year however brings a necessary change-up to our nutritional needs when we are active, exercising and competing. Hydration is the big one we are all familiar with so tune in to learn more about the strategies and individual factors that come into to play to ensure you are hydrating correctly. We also delve into a couple of our favourite Summer sports, cricket and tennis. Our Winter athletes are in pre-season mode at this time too so we look at their preparation as well as exploring altitude training and nutrition for vegans. CONTENTS 3 Caffeine gum – worth the chew? 5 Summer of Cricket – case study 6 Q & A with Dr Dom Enjoy the read and remember to seek out an Accredited Sports Dietitian for your nutrition support. 7 Summer Icy poles & Red Bean Bliss Balls Stay cool, stay fit! 8 Nutrition Considerations for Exercising in the Heat 11 Nutrition Considerations for Vegans Marie Walters EO, Sports Dietitians Australia 12 The Unpredictability of Match Day Tennis 13 Edamame salad & Sensational Summer Souvalaki EDITOR’S NOTE 14 Top Tips for Altitude Training Sunshine, sweat and salt – welcome to Summer ReFuel! Tennis, Cricket and Women’s footy… there are a number of great articles in this edition that speak to the challenges associated with fuelling and unknown schedules, as well as the roles of our Accredited Sports Dietitian’s working with team sports. Who’s your local Sports Dietitian? Get them on board to ensure your athletes are optimising their health and performance and supporting the goals of the coaching staff! 15 AFLW Pre-Season Nutrition Goals 16 Your Calendar of Tips and Events Have you tried caffeine gum? Is it worth your time? Harriet Walker shares the evidence and Dr Dom tackles hydration. Monash University researcher Stephanie Gaskell takes you through the nutritional considerations of exercising in the heat and if you are an active individual following a vegan diet, page 11 is a must! . As altitude destinations are often part of summer training schedules, make sure you’re prepared to maximise your health and training with the physiological and nutrition considerations from Zara Nance. With some delicious recipes to top off another edition, including the sensational summer souvlaki the team at SDA would like to wish you a fun, safe and successful summer of sport! We look forward to continuing to help support your nutrition, health and sporting goals in 2020! NEVER MISS AN ISSUE! Jess Rothwell Accredited Sports Dietitian SUBSCRIBE HERE Sports Dietitians Australia Our corporate partners Sports House, Level 2, 375 Albert Road South Melbourne VIC 3206 Phone: +61 3 9699 8634 Email: [email protected] Web: Powered by n4 food and health Proudly partnering with SDA to help active Australians reach their potential. Web: Email: [email protected] 2 ReFuel Magazine Summer 2019-20 SUBSCRIBE HERE We advise that the information contained in this magazine does not negate personal responsibility on the part of the reader for their own health and safety. Individual tailored advice is recommended to be sought from your medical practitioner or Accredited Sports Dietitian. SDA, the publishers and their respective employees, agents and authors are not liable for injuries or damage occasioned to any person as a result of reading the following information contained in this magazine. Opinions expressed by the authors in this magazine do not necessarily reflect those of SDA or any of its production or publishing team. Copyright ©2018 All rights reserve.