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EO REPORT Welcome to another edition of ReFuel! A big thank you to everyone (and there were many!) who provided feedback about ReFuel. We were so excited to hear that it is providing you with valuable information to support your various sporting endeavours and that you recognise the importance of evidence-based sports nutrition information. There was also some terrific feedback on how we can refine the mag, so we will be working towards including further enhancements in 2020! This edition is again jam-packed with a lot of great information and insights to get you through the coming season including some of the risks and considerations in weight and aesthetique based sports such as Taekwondo and Equestrian, great tips for the travelling athlete(s) as well as the role of caffeine strips and protein drinks. We do ask you to remember, as you read through this and any ReFuel edition, that the information is general in nature and aimed to assist your understanding of the role sports nutrition plays in your active lifestyles as well as health. Remember – no two individuals are the same! So, please take the information in this context and seek the assistance of an Accredited Sports Dietitian to ensure your sports nutrition strategies are safe and targeted to your specific needs. Accredited Sports Dietitians are passionate about increasing performance but equally passionate about your health and safety. Marie Walters EO, Sports Dietitians Australia CONTENTS 3 Collagen Powder - Do I need it for Injury Repair? 5 Nutrition for Taekwondo Athletes 6 Chewing the Fat with Dr Dom – Protein Powders 7 Recipes: The Super Salmon and Beetroot Sandwich & True Protein Beetroot Dip 8 Finals Fever 11 Recipes: Spring Carnival Picnic Spread 12 The Jet Setter - Are You or Your Athlete(s) Ready? 13 Recipes: Chunky Beef and Vegetable Pie 14 Nutrition Tips for Equestrian Athletes 15 Benefits of Caffeine Strips for Short Distance Events EDITOR’S NOTE It’s nearly time to smell the fat roses, dust off the picnic blanket and launch into SPRING! We are excited to share even more recipes with you including those that are perfect for yourself, a family meal and offer variation in ingredient use. It may even be a great opportunity to get your kids involved in the kitchen – or motivate your partner! 16 Your Calendar of Events There are some great articles not to be missed if you or your family are involved in Taekwondo, Equestrian or are jet setting away for training or competition in the near future, not to mention preparing for finals fever. Do you actually need extra supplements, caffeine strips or protein powder? If you are experiencing a musculoskeletal injury – should you be consuming extra collagen? We also thank you for your valuable survey feedback of ReFuel – we are excited that you are enjoying and learning from ReFuel and we also look forward to sharing some new inclusions with you all in 2020! A big congratulations to our two survey winners! Until our next edition of ReFuel, enjoy the great sports nutrition information from our Accredited Sports Dietitians and don’t be shy - book in a visit with an SDA member. We’re here to help whatever your goal may be! NEVER MISS AN ISSUE! Jess Rothwell Accredited Sports Dietitian SUBSCRIBE HERE Sports Dietitians Australia Our corporate partners Sports House, Level 2, 375 Albert Road South Melbourne VIC 3206 Phone: +61 3 9699 8634 Email: [email protected] Web: Powered by n4 food and health Proudly partnering with SDA to help active Australians reach their potential. Web: Email: [email protected] 2 ReFuel Magazine Spring 2019 SUBSCRIBE HERE We advise that the information contained in this magazine does not negate personal responsibility on the part of the reader for their own health and safety. Individual tailored advice is recommended to be sought from your medical practitioner or Accredited Sports Dietitian. SDA, the publishers and their respective employees, agents and authors are not liable for injuries or damage occasioned to any person as a result of reading the following information contained in this magazine. Opinions expressed by the authors in this magazine do not necessarily reflect those of SDA or any of its production or publishing team. Copyright ©2018 All rights reserve.