Reflections Summer Issue | Volume 17, Number 3 - Page 93

Grazing Board

Hues of Red , White , and Blue Inspiration : Pick a few of your favorites and position in patterns .
REDS cherries , strawberries , salami , prosciutto , radishes , red licorice , watermelon
WHITES yogurt covered pretzels , brie , camembert , white cheddar , rice crackers
BLUE blue corn tortilla chips , cranberry covered goat cheese , kalamata olives , blue gum drops , blueberries

Watermelon Keg Margarita

INGREDIENTS 1 large seedless watermelon — more circular than oval 3 cups tequila 2 cups cointreau 3 1 / 2 cups margarita mix 1 cup fresh watermelon juice drink dispenser spigot
METHOD Using a cake stand flipped to its top , adjust your watermelon on the cake stand base where it will be sturdy and balanced . Using a small knife mark where your spigot will be ensuring not to cut fully in to the watermelon . Also mark where your top will be cut to ensure a straight cut .
Remove the watermelon from the cake stand . Cut top off of the watermelon . Scoop out flesh leaving a thin layer of red .
Cube and freeze half of the watermelon flesh . Puree the remaining watermelon flesh and strain the pulp and seeds using a mesh strainer . Keep the strained watermelon juice .
Using an apple corer , remove the portion of the watermelon where your spigot will be inserted . If the rubber gasket will not fit , thin the wall of the watermelon a little bit at a time until it fits . Avoid making it too thin as the wall of the watermelon may collapse . Refrigerate empty watermelon upside down in colander until needed .
In a large pitcher , combine tequila , triple sec , margarita mix , and watermelon juice . Refrigerate until needed .
When ready to serve , ensure the spigot is in the off position and slowly pour margarita mix into watermelon keg . Add frozen watermelon cubes .
Garnish options : salt rim glass , jalapeño slice , and or fresh lime wedge .
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