Reflections Summer Issue | Volume 17, Number 3 - Page 83



A Kind of Summer

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Fish Tales

Whether your too busy to cook or just wanting to get out of the house to enjoy a meal you didn ’ t have to cook , dining with a view is always a treat . Even better is being able to feel the wind in your hair and smell the salty air as you cruise along the beautiful waters of the Georgia coast to get there . We visited several local dock and dine locations around the area and found some of the best fresh seafood one can only get on the coast . While boating to your favorite restaurant is fun , there are several things we recommend you keep in mind to ensure the best experience .

• Sunscreen is a must to keep from looking like the lobster you plan to eat .
• To avoid looking wind blown , wear a hat or something to keep your hair in place as you cruise , this includes you , gentlemen .
• Wear your sunglasses to protect the lenses used to view our beautiful coast for years to come .
• Depth finders come in very handy as the waters can be tricky to navigate , especially to the novice boater .
• Life Jackets and other safety equipment are essential .
• A working radio or fully charged cell phone is another must have . Being able to call for help is sometimes pertinent ( a Sea Tow membership is an added bonus , if you have ever had a mechanical issue on the water , you already know , they make getting back to land much easier ).
For more safety information visit USCGBOATING . org
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