Reflections Summer Issue | Volume 17, Number 3 - Page 68





On a sunset cruise during the lockdown , we spotted a well-known boat from The Abacos . FREESPOOL ! Why was she six docks down from ours in the Ogeechee River , a far cry from the Sea of Abaco ? I ’ ll confess , it was curiosity , not concern or compassion at first , that had me questioning . It was intriguing , a diversion . Then , reality set in . The winds of Hurricane Dorian had blown her in . She had not fared well through the storm .
I flagged down the boat captain one afternoon as she passed by our dock . The only information I garnered was that she had been bought from a broker and that I was not the first to recognize her . Many other stories surfaced , and Tad Dillon , the new owner , said he began to think he was the only one in the neighborhood who had not fished that boat .
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