Reflections Summer Issue | Volume 17, Number 3 - Page 56

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ROBOTIC HERNIA REPAIR | ROBOTIC REFLUX SURGERY | GENERAL SURGERY out you were struggling or had just lost a family member , she was the first one to offer help — and mounds of food — and anything else you could want . I don ’ t think she ever wanted anyone to know just how truly sweet and caring she really was . Now there was a real southern woman .”
“ Well I can ’ t argue with you on that one ,” says Patrick , grinning from ear to ear . “ Judy is my sister .”
And just like that , in that special moment , all those strangers became kin . And the laughter around that table in the Harn family homestead went on for another hour .
There are places on this earth where time just seems to stand still . As the laughter echoed through the halls of the Harn / Murphy house that night , I felt like I was dining in a different era . An era of expertly crafted crown moldings , high ceilings , grand stairwells , and sweeping front lawns . An era when Ford Model A ’ s threw dust in the air and houses were built to stand ’ til the end of time . An era of charm , storytelling , and grace . An era for which the South is so deservedly well known .
Henry Ford built the Belfast Keller house for Marvin and Virginia Harn . Marvin was the father of Cookie Harn , whose ashes rest comfortably there to this day under the towering live oak . Cookie , who was Linda ’ s husband and Jimmy and Wanda ’ s uncle , was the brother of Frieda Marie Harn , whose accident with the ashes caused the house to be built in the first place . And if the walls of that old house could talk , and they most certainly did at dinner last month , they will one day tell future generations about a rainy night in May of ’ 21 when the Harns and the Thompsons and the Hannemans all reunited at the old family homestead , and welcomed the Murphys into the clan .
Patrick Murphy and Jone Bremer would love to hear from anyone who might have stories , photos , or information about the house they would like to share . You can contact them at pmurphy01 @ comcast . net •
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