Reflections Summer Issue | Volume 17, Number 3 - Page 27

ceived during the Seafood Festival to fund scouting events such as campouts , service projects , and summer camps .” Jasons ’ s wife , Lea , expands on this , “ Having the boys prepare and sell the fresh peach cobbler , funds a huge portion of our year . It ’ s what keeps the Troop running . The boys who work have the opportunity to help pay their way to camps , this way they are invested . They learn relational skills by interacting with the community . Our boys also help keep the park clean throughout the entire weekend and carry off trash for all of the vendors … Definitely not a glamorous job , but it teaches the boys how to serve their community . It is a long weekend for Troop 400 , but we all look forward to it !”

The original intent behind the creation of the Seafood Festival was to raise money for local non-profit organizations ; this event continues to be the most successful annual local fundraiser for non-profit organizations and local businesses . The success of the event is due to the more than 300 volunteers led by members of the Richmond Hill / Bryan County Chamber of Commerce and its Seafood Festival Committee . The amount of dedication , time , and energy it takes to pull off such an event is tremendous , yet year after year it is done and continues to get better and better . 2020 brought with it the COVID 19 pandemic , resulting in the cancellation of the festival . In 2019 , the festival was cut short due to a tropical storm making Richmond Hill its path . Two years of a non-event left many organizations in desperation .

Christy Sherman , Executive Director of the Richmond Hill Convention and Visitors Bureau , explains the significance of the event , “ The Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival is an important local economic driver in Richmond Hill . Not only is it a major fundraiser for local organizations , but it increases jobs , sales tax , hotel / motel revenue , and ripples through the community – affecting tourism and non-tourism businesses . It

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