Reflections Holiday Issue | Volume 17, Number 5 - Page 38


Rest assured , Bill Cunningham ’ s plans for

Heartwood include an extensive walking trail system under the same canopy of
trees Rayonier has managed for decades . Perhaps the largest draw of this budding community is the opportunity to walk with your child to school or to an event at The Outfitters via a wooded trail .
“ Some of those trails are the same logging trails we ’ ve used to harvest over the past 30 years ,” says McMichael . “ If people were out hiking on a trail , they might see turkeys , deer , squirrels — anything you can picture in the forests of Southeast Georgia .”
As these trails develop , McMichael hopes residents will get to know their environment just as they would their next door neighbor . “ I encourage people to go beyond looking at ( the forest ) as a bunch of trees , bushes , or scrub and getting to know their environment better . This particular property is so valuable and diverse that it makes the perfect backdrop for a community like this .”
Just as McMichael has created an ecosystem that supports all walks of life , Cunningham plans to create a community that does the same . The goal is that Heartwood becomes a place to grow a family , a business , a dream .
“ What we ’ re doing is being more of a facilitator than a prescriber ,” Cunningham says . “ We ’ re trying to create a platform for community . Great schools with a parks and trail system connecting the community makes for a great foundation to help facilitate getting to know your neighbors . We are planting the seeds now that will allow future residents to grow and sustain their own thriving families , friends , memories , community .”
Residents of Heartwood can look forward to places to gather and play sprinkled throughout acres of walking and biking trails like green space , lakes for kayaking , and a large pavilion for community events . The best part ? Because Raydient already owns the land , they have all the time in the world to make Heartwood a reflection of what it ’ s envisioned it to be .
“ Nature drives the force of how those trees grow , and people are going to drive the force of how this community grows ,” says Cunningham . “ As Heartwood comes to fruition , and especially if we do it right , the people who live here will be our top salespeople . We donated over 300 acres to allow the creation of a K-12 school campus and integrated it into the entire community masterplan . This is an example of planting a seed that will yield opportunity for decades ahead .”
“ The things that matter most to community living are the foundational corner-



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