Reflections and Takeaways Special Edition - Page 55

This is going to be the lonely generation. Lost in a web based crowd, while lacking any real social interactions. These children have social anxiety just by thinking about going to meet other people. They feel much more protected in their womb like room in front of an artificial light source. It is a sad, sad reality. I wish I could report about the silver lining, but there is none. There is only hope that the sea of disposable masks and takeaway boxes won’t kill the last segment of the marine life, and we will one day be able to return back to some sort of old normal. Yes, I am not ashamed to want my old, normal life back. A life where hugs are given without fear, where masks are reserved for surgeons, where kids go to school to learn and play and where grandparents may hold their grandchildren’s hands. Go pandemic, and never come back. Please let us wake up from this bad nightmare.

Virag Komjathy