Reflections and Takeaways Special Edition | Page 5

A year like no other

With a shift of the stars

COVID took hold.

The world that we knew

Took on a new mould

Apart yet together

Our home became school

Both students and staff

Had tech lessons to learn ,

Pyjama school continued

Now working through zoom.

We made it through lock-down

By supporting each other .

Hurrah for September,

Schools back but all's changed

Our masked life's rearranged.

Socially distanced and talking through glass

Our bubbles a class,

VIS adapts to the rules .

Temperature checks as cases increased.

Teachers kept home and school learners on track.

Events were all cancelled, meetings all ceased.

Worried and scared we were here for each other.

The whole community working together

Out of the crisis has come opportunity

Out of the problem has come ingenuity .

Sadder but stronger though life's not the same

We stay safe and proud, accepting the change

VIS meets the challenge and all up our game

As our year like no other

now draws to a close ,

A vaccine brings hope and the stars shift again

As an end is in sight to covid and pain

This stricken world now will begin to recover.

Thank you to all – staff, students and parents

Ms Totty Aris