Reflections and Takeaways Special Edition - Page 38

I have been coping fine with this pandemic. I feel like at this point all I can do is adapt to my environment since life is about constant readjustments to our surroundings. Even though this pandemic has a negative side there a positive side to everything it just takes a positive mind to see it. For example, during this pandemic, I truly got to spend quality time with myself and understand what makes me feel content. I discovered new hobbies like playing with my ukulele, running, and experimenting with new foods. However, like everything in life, there is always a downside. My downside was not traveling and seeing my relatives and constantly being on and off quarantine. Another downside was constantly wearing masks even when going outsides for walks. Now I feel that I should stay strong through this pandemic and make sure that I can do everything I can to reduce the rate of this pandemic.

Nour Shagruni