Reflections and Takeaways Special Edition | Page 29

Picture this, you are in Seville, Spain. You’re sitting by the trams, sipping a cup of coffee and eating a doughnut whilst reading the news. The first headline is “CORONAVIRUS (A new virus) Is in many places in Spain as of today.” My reaction to the news was exactly the same as before I read it. I’ve seen tons of viruses that are just small ones, this won’t be any different right? Oh, how I was so wrong... When we all went back to school Malta was practically untouched, we were all living our lives like usual. I started to get worried, I had thoughts of being stuck in hazmat suits and locked in at home for the next few years. The next thing we hear is that schools are closing! We are online! Oh how exciting, four whole weeks at home! We all were waiting for the inevitable and we couldn’t be happier as students. Little did we know that it would be longer than four weeks...

- A couple of months later -

Yep, you guessed it, still at home, still bored and scared to death. We all took physical school for granted, everybody wanted to go back but we were stuck at home. It felt like a death sentence.

- Summertime -

I didn’t do much that summer. It was quite dull; masks were to be worn in shops and cases were sky-high. I spoke to a lot of friends and I definitely wasn’t as lucky as they were. Family and friends of theirs passed away from Corona or from Corona further making it worse. I was just hoping that my family would be ok. Which we were, and when I thought back to the Christmas of that year, I definitely had Corona from the way people were explaining what it felt like. I didn’t even realise it.

Corona Virus has been difficult for all of us, some of us got away unscathed whilst some of us got hit hard from it. This virus can be hard for all of us. Stick together (With Distance) and stay safe.

Ethan Newton