Reflections and Takeaways Special Edition - Page 17

Covid-19 is a devastating virus, people dying, hospitals filled, and wearing masks everywhere. This has affected me and many other people. With the economy dropping, people going out of business and more, this has been one of the worst things to happen in the world. Covid-19 started in China around the end of 2019. Back then, it wasn't such a huge problem but the cases increased dramatically.

This virus then travelled to almost all countries around the world and eventually after, became a global pandemic. Malta, is a very small island and when it arrived here, everyone was petrified. Schools were closed immediately and we went into a ‘lockdown’. This affected me because we were transferred online. I, and many other students were new to this and we had to adapt to a new type of learning environment. However, I partially preferred this due to the fact that it's less stressful, but this did affect my grades and my approach to learning.

I found it difficult to adapt to wearing masks constantly and social distance with others because I'm not used to this. It was also really difficult to keep the masks on due to the urge to take them off but it's the law to keep them on. It’s really hot especially during the summer, so it's really hard to breathe. During the summer, cases got much higher everywhere around the world. When a virus spreads more, it also mutates, meaning that it's more contagious or more deadly. These viruses started to appear in the UK, Brazil and India.

Sadly, the UK variant came to Malta and the cases went astromcly high. By this time, we were back at school and since the new virus strain is more contagious, some students tested positive for covid. This really affected students because we have to go back online and it's really hard to be organized.

However, the school is doing very well to keep us all safe and protected from Covid-19 but, ofcourse, there will still be cases every now and then. But in all, even though covid isn't the best thing to happen, there have been a few positives that covid did to us. Global warming decreased meaning pollution was lower and overall for the environment it did do a lot better.

Max Butler