Reflections and Takeaways Special Edition | Page 51

Covid-19 is a complex illness however with mitigation measures such as social distancing, wearing masks and hand hygiene, one may reduce the risk of getting infected.

I’ve practiced these measures with great caution and followed orders by the Health Authorities but nothing prepares you for news when you are told you have tested positive. It was the 1st October 2021 when at 7pm I received a call from Mater Dei where I was informed that I have tested positive for the last PCR test I have done prior my diagnosis. The doctor assured me that everything was going to be OK however for a minute I just couldn’t speak. I was alone at the time of the call and hurried myself in the living room to self-isolate. My wife and my son returned just after I hung up my phone and from the look of my face … yes, it was evident that something was wrong. There was a whole process my wife had to follow, disinfecting the whole house but most importantly taking a test together with my son to ensure they are both negative. Results came back negative, but the situation of me being positive was life changing.

Although my symptoms were mild, my emotions and my mind-set were not prepared for this. I started to realize how hard it feels to distance yourself from those you truly love, how hard it feels when you cannot communicate freely, but sadness struck me most when I could not hug my son for his 6th birthday.

A glass door dividing the hallway and the living room became useful that day as we sat on the floor with my wife and my son on one side and me on the other side and we’ve celebrated his birthday differently. I’ve spent thirty days to be fully recovered and as people say, we search for God when we need Him. I found comfort in my prayers and that helped me realize the importance of not losing faith.

Symptoms from the virus itself could have turned worse, but luckily they did not. My thoughts go out to all those who have lost their loved ones during this pandemic. I thank God that I am alive and part of this supportive t community.

Silvio Ellul