Reflections and Takeaways Special Edition | Page 43

My year of 2021 was unusual like 2020 because of covid and etc but after a good start to school and being actually at school, things were going rather well and it was like normal before covid but with masks and I personally quite enjoyed it because online last year did not do me any good, but as soon as we saw cases rising i knew that we had to go on online and continue for the rest of the year. This time online was different because i knew my mistakes that i had done last time on online so i came prepared and it wasn't as bad but then we got back to school and it was a bit boring and i had to get used to it but at least we get to socialize more and for me I would prefer going to school and going on online so it doesn't really change for me but this year was at least better than 2020.

Stefano Marra