Reflections and Takeaways Special Edition | Page 27

My name is Yaroslav Petrenko, I am a student who had to graduate from Elementary to Middle School on zoom which was an experience I was not expecting. When the lockdown started, I was not able to see my family who were and still are in Russia. I could not go shopping but had to order it on Amazon. I could not go outside but had to stay home, at least I could watch Netflix. Then after 2 days it started getting annoying and boring to stay at home. When the lockdown ended it was a relief but when the schools opened, chaos started. We had to wear masks and there were perspex on every table, the best thing was seeing our friends again, we had to keep our distance and only 2 people could sit per table. It was a good thing that we could enjoy time with them.

Yaroslav Petrenko