Reflections and Takeaways Special Edition | Page 26

So let me start off by saying I miss the old years with no covid! Anyways these past 2 years have been quite hard to cope with, new changes, new adaptation, and many more things that we had to learn to do for example staying socially distanced, wearing masks and so many more things that i can't even think about. Last year we started staying online in March which at the beginning was very unexpected one day we got an email saying we all have to stay home. I was worried about not being able to learn well and not being able to use zoom and how to edit sheets online. So it was quite hard but then i got used to it and it was a daily thing and let me tell you i would much rather stay online then coming to actual school. After a bit, yes it gets boring but i loved waking up a bit later and having more free time. Buf after all, we came back for some months and it felt good getting back into the routine of waking up and actually getting dressed to go around people. At the moment the cases have gone down and everything is slowly going back to normal now you can sit down and have dinner with family, and finally it's going back to normal but we still all have to be very careful because its not fully over and the cases can go up in a blink of an eye so we shall all stay safe but also have some fun!

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