Reflections and Takeaways Special Edition | Page 23

My experience with covid was a bit complicated since I liked some parts of it but others not, I liked most of the quarantine since you get to wake up later and you can stay in your house, and I think online learning was fine, but I didn’t like how we couldn’t go outside. It was a different experience because now I had to do zoom every day and learn how to use different tools on my computer, but I enjoyed it. One thing I did not enjoy was that we couldn’t fly to different places, I know that it was a safety precaution and I agree with it but I hated that I couldn’t fly to visit my family, I was expecting that. Something I do not agree with though is that many people, as soon as restaurants and places like that opened, people started to relax too much about it, people started having parties and spread even more covid, right when it was getting better.

Amanda Mattedi Bovo