Redi-Kit Sample Shipping: Common Q&A's

REDI-KIT SAMPLE SHIPPING PROGRAM: COMMON Q&A'S REDI-KIT SAMPLE SHIPPING PROGRAM COMMON QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Q. How do I sign up for this service? A. Call NYBC’s Customer Care Center toll-free at 855.55.BLOOD or speak to your local Customer Relations Manager. You will receive a hospital username and password within two business days (for accessing the prepaid FedEx site), and then you will receive a supply of kits. Once you have the log in information and kits, you are ready to use the program. Q. What is the cost of the service? A. Redi-Kit shipping materials are provided at no cost to our Laboratory Customers. The FedEx transportation is also prepaid by NYBC and there is no cost to our Laboratory Customers. Other customers pay only for the Redi-Kits to be sent to them ($50.00/cs of 4 kits). Q. How do I ship a sample to NYBC or a local center? A. Using the shipping materials in the kit, follow the steps on the Quick Reference Guide: » Place patient blood sample inside bottom portion of white Styrofoam tray » Place absorbent material on top » Close tray and insert in biohazard plastic bag, seal and label » Place plastic bag inside white Tyvek envelope, seal and label » Place inside brown corrugated shipping box with Test Request Form enclosed » Use your login info to notify FedEx of shipment pickup Blood Center Enterprises CUSTOMER SERVICE • 310 EAST 67 TH STREET • NEW YORK, NY 10065 • 855.552.5663 I N N O VA T I O N EXPERIENCE EXPERTISE NYBC.ORG