Redcliff Community Guide Fall and Winter 2021 - Page 19

Constructing a Project in Redcliff?

Development permits need to be obtained for new construction, renovations, and changes to how a building or land is being used.

Approval must be obtained

BEFORE any work commences!

Since 2020 the Town of Redcliff and our safety codes inspectors (Park Enterprises Ltd.) have worked together to develop new Small Project Fees to encourage everyone to be compliant with the Alberta Safety Codes Act and the Town of Redcliff Land Use Bylaw.

For small projects, the Development Permit application fee is $25.00 and the Building Permit application fee is $55.00.

Small projects are defined as:

- Projects valued at less than $2,500 on private

residential property or on PS-Public and Semi

Public Service District, P-Park and Recreation

District, or UR-Urban Reserve District.

- Must be an accessory structure

- Structures less than 15 m2 (161 ft2) , or a tent

that is a temporary structure less than 21 m2

(226 ft2)

Some small projects that require a Development and Building Permit include:

- Temporary above ground swimming pools

greater than 600mm (24” deep)

- Hot tubs

- Movable garden sheds over 10 m2 (107 ft2)

- Temporary garage structures (tents)

- Tents requiring a building permit

- Gazebos, Pergolas

Before starting your project, contact the Development Officer at 403-548-9231 to

discuss requirements!