Redcliff Community Guide Fall and Winter 2021 - Page 16

Public Works Office: 403-548-9253

Emergency Number: 403-502-8836

#10 9th Ave SW, Redcliff, AB

public works

What do I do if my sewer backs up?

If you are experiencing a backup in your service line, you may obtain a plumbing snake from the Public Works Deptment during regular business hours by calling 403-548-9253. Alternatively, you may contact a plumber or drain cleaning contractor to clear the blockage.

For more detailed information please refer to the Town of Redcliff Sanitary Sewer Blockage Policy No. 035.

Public Works is here to help everyone through any blockage situation and can assist you in

the process to remove the blockage by calling the numbers above!

Sanitary Sewer Bylaw 1902/2020 lists over 40 substances that cannot be flushed. The the Town has determined these may create an adverse effect or interfere with the operation of the Town's Sanitary Sewer System. Some of these include:

Businesses should reference the bylaw for any items that could be applicable to them.

Charges will apply for service to incidents caused by sewer backup as per the Sewer Rates Bylaw 1893/2019.

Public Works Hours:

September - April 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

May - August 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Animal waste

Toxic waste water

Paper towel

Cosmetic wipes

Baby wipes


Feminine hygiene products

Dental floss

Contact lenses


Cotton swabs





Cigarette butts

Cooking grease and oil

Kitty litter

Band aids



Mop heads

Dusting products

Floor cleaning wipes

Cooking oil

Cooked bacon/animal fat



Flushable wipes

Preventing Water Service Lines from Freezing

This winter, take extra care to help prevent your water service lines from freezing in the later winter months (Feb/Mar).

The best way to prevent your water service line from freezing is to keep a tap running lightly in a kitchen or bathroom. In doing so there is a consumption charge; however, this cost is minor

when compared to emergency repairs to private property to repair a frozen service line. In addition, ensuring adequate air flow in your utility room, as well as placing a small electric heater to ensure your pipes stay above freezing is highly recommended. Concrete has no insulation value and water that isn’t moving can quickly freeze if the frost is close enough to your water service line.

While the Town does respond to calls, the Town also recommends calling local plumbing businesses as some may have the tools necessary to alleviate a frozen water line. If you’ve noticed Town crews in your area, there is a good chance your property could also be susceptible to water line freezing issues and taking proactive steps not only ensures you have a flowing water service to your residence but can also prevent costly repairs.

Snow Removal

Residents are responsible to clear snow from sidewalks within 24 hrs of snowfall. Snow, or other materials, originating from private property CANNOT be put onto the street.

When driving near snow clearing operations, residents are also asked to stay 10 meters away from snow clearing, sanding and hauling equipment at all times. Keeping a safe distance away from equipment will assist Town Staff in performing their jobs efficiently and safely.

It is always a good idea to have someone check your home on a regular basis while you are away.

Rates can be found in Garbage Rates and Collection Bylaw No. 1915/2020 and Water Rates Bylaw No. 1914/2020