Redcliff Community Guide Fall and Winter 2021 - Page 10

Medicine Hat Family Services - Counselling Services

Medicine Hat Family Services works to preserve and strengthen families in times of crisis, change and growth. It provides counselling, support and education to families, couples, individuals and young people in need. Counselling services include:

- Marriage Counselling

- Grief and Loss Counselling

- Emotional Counselling

- Men's and Women's Issues

- Family Transition Counselling

- Communication Counselling

- Parent/Child Issues

- Stress Related Issues

- Family Violence Counselling

For more information contact 403-548-3232

Did you know Redcliff FCSS helps fund the Family School Liaison Worker Program?

The Family School Liaison Worker (FSLW) Program provides several roles to Prairie Rose School Division families.

The program is designed:

1. To provide support to students and families

who may be experiencing difficulties.

2. To act as a resource and provide a liaison

between families and the school system.

3. To provide outreach and resources for families

requesting services within the community.

4.To develop or facilitate community education

programs based on identified needs.

Redcliff Meals on Wheels Redcliff FCSS

Meals are provided by Trukkers and are delivered Monday to Friday 11 am – noon (except holidays). Hot and nutritious lunches are delivered to homes by our amazing volunteer drivers. Redcliff residents may be eligible for this service if you have difficulty preparing meals due to health problems or illness, chronic memory impairment, emotional instability, recent bereavement, or while recovering. This service is available to our adult residents on a short or long term basis. Clients decide how often meals are needed and payments of the meals are subsidized by Redcliff Community Services.

Forms can be picked up and filled out at Redcliff Town Hall.

Daytime volunteer drivers

for this program are needed.

Call 403-548-3232

for more information.

Home Support Services Redcliff FCSS

Home Support Services provide professional quality in-home services. Assistance is available when required due to illness, convalescence, health limitation and other reasons. Fees are on a sliding scale determined by client’s annual income. Call 403-548-3232 for more information.