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ADSO ’ s “ Boldly Evolving Dentistry ”


ADSO ’ s recent virtual conference , “ Boldly Evolving Dentistry ,” covered several topics weighing on the minds — and pocketbooks — of those in the industry , including new staffing models emerging from the pandemic and a calculated shift toward dentistry as part of an integrated healthcare model . Here are



three of our favorite takeaways .
In August , First American ’ s Samantha Nunn and Zack Scribani hosted a virtual roundtable on Recruitment and Retention in the Dental Industry , featuring panelists Justin Puckett , president of MB2 Dental ; Priyanki Amroliwala , talent acquisition leader at 42 North Dental ; and Travis Franklin , CFO of Heartland Dental Care . They discussed strategies for hiring and retaining dental personnel at a time in which , according to a May poll from the ADA Health Policy Institute , more than 80 % of owner dentists who are currently hiring are finding the recruitment of hygienists and assistants “ extremely or very challenging .”
Below are some key “ Trends and Takeaways ” from the discussion . Staffing shortages are real — and aren ’ t going away soon
Like many healthcare sectors , the pandemic put significant stress on the dental industry . Some practices closed for months on end ; others remained open with skeletal staffs ; and a few even closed permanently . Even before the pandemic , dental staffing shortages already existed ; and COVID simply pushed the number of hygienists and dental assistants exiting their jobs up even higher .
Practices have responded to this challenge by :
• Increasing salaries and perks to attract new talent and to retain current staff members
• Consciously growing inhouse talent
• Responding to demand for more flexible scheduling per market trends
How to find the right candidate in a challenging market
There ’ s nothing normal about a job market in which candidates ignore interview reminders or worse , don ’ t show up for interviews at a rate three times higher than usual . Where are the qualified candidates ? Panelists shared some suggestions on how to find and hire them :
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