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Why Because we believe that change happens when we start to act, and our actions define in big part who we are. In today’s world we are not only responsible for ourselves and for our close families but we also have to pay special attention to our surroundings, our society and our environment which due to less care of past generations cause a big challenge for young people. Today’s generation was born in a very quickly changing environment, where we are overloaded by information from the media, where we follow the easiest and cheapest consumption habits, where creativity is pushed down in the luxury we created by technology. We believe that innovative ideas and best practices are all around us waiting to be discovered, and ’sustainability’ is not something to achieve, is something to practice every day. Therefore we combine the topic with ’creative recycling’ which for us is a simple tool to use in our trainings. In the creative recycling workshops we create useful objects our of waste materials which can be found in each family: plastic, paper, textile, etc. During the workshops a very practical procedure happens where the result is something what we can touch and use, it says a lot about the creator, because it is personal. Creating with our own hands also brings back childhood memories, gives new persepectives to self-expression when experiencing new textures and colors. Creating together with others and shape own ideas to the group is another part of the program, where the participants can discover how they appear and function in a group, they support eachother’s learning by sharings, giving feedback, by acceptance. Look at what happened in June 2015 in Modra Harmonia, Slovakia! Anna Sipos Trainer and Co-Founder ReCreativity Social Enterprise