ReCreativtiy Social Enterprise - Page 18

Klementina, macedonia What i got from this training is a bunch of HAPPINESS & a wallet! I will never forget the moment when the cutie little Mima ( a girl who took part in the school workshop) gave me the wallet she made from tetra pak in which she put so much and effort. It was a really touchable moment full with love and happiness. After this workshop the only thing I could see around me was clear happiness and joy! Most of the things we did were new for me. I never thought of making so many things from just a tetra pack. I was excited when I did my frame from it and the wallet. Useful things from used materials. The most important thing I learnt that ‘the thinking out of the borders’ could also apply to our ‘trash’. I did a scarf from a used blouse for my friend and also started giving a better reputation on used materials, having in mind how handy they can be. I learnt also that if you put all your effort and dedication in one thing, that thing will not be a thing anymore - it will be a composition! So, I personally became more dedicated, passionate about creating and re-creating, I started appreciating people for what they are and I am trying to keep like that in a way that I will always be focused on the good sides a person has, because life is full with nice people, you just have to find them. Thank you again for this amazing training course!