ReCreativtiy Social Enterprise - Page 13

NIkolai, Romania I get from this training some very important thing: we can make our world better if we put in practice concept of creative recycling. Another thing that I get from this training is that people from all around the world can share their ideas and work together to develop a peaceful and beautiful world. I will remember the time that we spent all together and try to share ideas and learn from each other. I learned specifically to make wallets from tetra packs, notebooks and frames from cardboard; covers for mobile phones from plastic bags and learned many new things about photography, video, media and social networks and how to use a silk screen to print something on bags. I am using almost all of ideas and techniques that I learned in Re-think and Recreate training for teaching others how to put in practice these techniques, also I spread the information’s that I learned about creative recycling, media and social networks hints and try to raise awareness of environmental issues particularly waste. When I explain that we can make something from waste, in the first time, some people do not believe me but when I share the techniques they are very happy and say that they will use what they learned to make something for their friends or they will open a social business. Related to media and social networks skills I use what I learned in developing my personal projects and my family business that is based on the concept of community supported agriculture. From this training, personally I get some very important competences, like: learning to learn, to be more social and civic involved. This training help me to develop the spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship, cultural awareness and expression, developed communication in foreign languages and in mother tongue and provide new basic competences in technology and digital competences. I had improved all this competences during this training and also after it when I put it more and more into practice. Also I learned how I can organize a great event in open air space or how to share what I learned to children and adults.