ReCreativtiy Social Enterprise - Page 10

Michail, Slovakia Mugur, Romania The answer is simple. Until we do not stop for a while and do not spend time for recycling, nothing in recycling happen. Recycling can be funny & useful!. The second I’ll remeber is about teamwork. If you are teamleader, proper selection of team members can influence your final product. From this training I have many new friends and lot of good mood! :) Thanks to all the participants! From this training I got lot of recycling practices and learned many ideas from the trainers, that I will share with the local community in future activities. I have never before facilitated a leadership workshop. It was great and it opened my eyes! I am still using the wallet and the notebook, and drink my coffee everyday out of the mug I painted. I got a new drive to go my way and follow my dreams of a better sustainable world. I improved my motivation and confidence levels and recharged my batteries completely in this training!