Realty411 Magazine Featuring Lori Greymont | Page 3

contents 13 Publisher’s Note: Meet Us in Your City Randy Reiff, CEO of FirstKey Lending, LLC, is our cover feature for Private Money411 14 Tax-Saving Strategies with Patrick James 18 Kathy Fettke Discusses Flipping 20 Growth Equity Group Offers Cash Flow 22 12 Rounds with Black Belt Investors 24 Notes: Turn Distress into Success 25 Win with Probate Real Estate 26 Lori Greymont Designs Her Perfect Life 31 Private Money411 with Randy Reiff 36 An Interview with Tim Herriage of B2R 38 Networking for Real Estate Investors 40 FirstKey Lending Continues to Innovate pg. 31 44 Is Owning the Best Income Source? 46 Applied Business Software Expands 51 A Lesson in Real Estate Syndications 53 Is Having a Cat More Work than an IRA? 55 Luxury Rides for Realty Professionals 58 Special: What’s Wealth Without Health? 61 Investor Resources & Special Offers 64 Advantages of Solar Energy pg. 55 pg. 14 Photo right: Pat James with United States Tax Relief pg. 20 The Team from Growth Equity Group: Preston Despenas (top) and Brett Immel (left) PAGE 3 • 2015