Real Life Real Faith Mommy Matters Real Life Real Faith Mommy Matters May/June 2016 | Page 4

Just Like My Momma

by Ramona Burnett

The best compliment my father has ever given me is saying that I am just like my Mom or that reminds me of your mother. What girl doesn’t want to be just like her mom? Before adopting my daughter, I feared that our legacy would end with me. Who would do something just like I did it?

When we adopted our sweet girl, I began to wonder something totally different. My question quickly became what am I doing? Not only am I new to motherhood, but by some accounts I am late! My friends are becoming grandparents now while I am deep in the heart of toddler land.

So many of my questions are met with “hmmm, I don’t quite remember”. Lately though something has changed. Instead of reaching for the phone or laptop to find advice I have been reflecting on my time with my mother to find answers to my mommy questions. The more I focus on our short time together, the more her voice resonates in my head. Memories that I did not realize I had now flood my mind and heart.

I am honoring my Mother by trying my best to show up just like her. It is the small things about my Mother that I hold so dear. The absolute attention to detail that she gave each of her six kids. Surely, if she had the time and energy to make each of us feel like the center of the universe, I can do that for my one little love. Even in the daily chores she brought a sense of love and pleasure. Making lunches was once something that I left to the last minute each morning making our days even more frantic.

Then one day I thought about my mornings with my Mother. There was no frenzy. I think my Mom was organized – but it was more than that. She approached tasks with love and when you do that it seems to make things easier. I recall her humming as she did things like making six lunches or folding enormous loads of clothes.

Our home had harmony. My home was lacking that sense of harmony and grace until I tapped into what my Momma gave me. Now each morning my girl and I have time to sing and pray together. I am more organized for sure, but because I am loving my role more. I do it all in love for my girl.

I also honor my Mother by being present. Just a few weeks ago I was outside with my daughter. She was swinging and I was at the table with my laptop, cell phone, and tablet. When I looked around and saw her swinging so high once again, I was reminded of my Mother. Some of my favorite times were spent in my swing with my Mother sitting in her lawn chair – watching me. Her face was not buried in a book; she wasn’t on the phone. She was drinking me in and enjoying US! I thought for a minute that I had imagined this pure scene until I found a picture of us outside, her in that chair and me in the swing. My role of mother requires that I am present. I am now cherishing those moments with my daughter, enjoying time with my angel.

I know that one day images of us playing will flood her heart and mind as she is watching her baby play. I know one day she will hum while making lunches and say to herself, “I am just like my Momma.”