Real Life Real Faith Mommy Matters Real Life Real Faith Mommy Matters May/June 2016 | Page 11

From the moment of conception, the embrace of our mother’s unconditional love can be felt. As she begins to sacrifice and shapes her life to fortify our health, her love radiates through us permeating every part of our being. She literally glows with love as she prepares for our arrival. As we grow in our mother’s womb, her body undergoes irreversible changes that are not held as a condition of her love.

Over time we see the expansion of her love as she nurses us back to health when we can barely lift our head. The countless times her love was tested by our adolescent disrespect and her love again showing no bounds. Once we are all grown up, the love we experienced as a child is still available to us and has surpassed what we deemed possible. We now know the meaning of unconditional love and realize the presence of our mother is truly priceless.

The existence of life itself starts with mothers. They have the ability to bring forth life physically and spiritually. Every physical being that inhabits this planet has a mother. She is the gate way of divine power that cultivates life within her. She also is a spiritual gate way that connects each individual to the God force of all things and can cause prosperity to rain down from the heavens by the utterance of her prayers and petitions.

As a child when my mother would pray from me things would happen instantaneously. I know that without a shadow of a doubt that it was my mother’s spiritual womb that gave me life unseen. Now I too as a mother pray from my children in the same way and see the results of my spiritual womb giving birth to my children’s spiritual lives.

Giving birth is no easy task, but mothers are able to endure this process with grace and ease. Mother are the backbone of every family because they have the ability to endure all things. Mothers act as the center pillar of every family. This central position allows mothers to connect with each member and serves asconnective fiber to form a family unit. This key and vital role gives mothers theshield of adaptabilityto accommodate their ever changing family. These constant fluctuations instill mothers with a durability that creates stability for herself and her family. Today we seemany homes that have been left fatherless, but mothers have endured. No matter the ups or downs mothers remain to be a constantstream of support,this highlights her tenacious ability to endure all things.

When God gave you your mother he gave you the ability to know and experience unconditional love, the ability to be alive both physically and spiritually and the tenacious ability to endure all things which is priceless.

As he sat in heaven, gazing down upon the earth, God contemplated, the greatest giftto give to the world. He instinctively knew this gift would be priceless. He began with the greatest qualities of humanity. The first and most significant ingredient was the overwhelming capacity to give unconditional love. The second ingredient was the ability to bring forth life, both physically and spiritually. The last and final ingredient, was the ability to endure all things.

When God made mothers, he broke the proverbial mold. Mothers are priceless and have the ability to give endless unconditional love, bring forth life physically and spiritually and the tenacious ability to endure all things.



by Patience Collins