Real Life Real Faith Men of Faith March Issue - Page 8

I enjoy every aspect. Acting is my true baby....but I enjoy the entire creative process. When Producing, I thoroughly enjoy that and refuse to act in anything I'm producing UNLESS I'm suited for that role. I am a PRODUCER WHO ACTS because Producing might come a bit easier for me because of the ease at which I bring elements of story, talent (above and below the line) and technology together. As for directing, I might be THE MOST UNDERRATED DIRECTOR in HOLLYWOOD. I love directing because I love actors.

MOF: It is our pleasure to have you come through Men of Faith. How are you these days?

Carl: Thanks for having me. Things are wonderful....blessed....and busy.

MOF: Before we touch on your career tell our readers a little about you. I’m sure family and faith is very important to you.

Carl: Yes. I am a husband, father and artist. I see myself as God's flawed servant who's passionate about sharing my story in hopes that it blesses someone along the way. I'm a man who is high on personal accountability and integrity to the best that I can be that for my God, my wife and my family. I've worked professionally in media for the past 28 years and feel fortunate to do what I love doing. Producing. Acting. Directing and now....writing.

MOF: Your bio allows us to see how accomplished you are. What would you say is your biggest accomplishment thus far in your life both personal and career wise?

Carl: Well, honestly? My biggest personal accomplishment are my children for sure.....I've yet to achieve my greatest professional achievement, but I've enjoyed and had many wonderful experiences as a stage, film and television actor and producer. I've been fortunate to work with many wonderfully talented people.

MOF: Take us back to where it all started…how did you get started on the path that has landed you to where you are today, an accomplished actor, producer, and director.

Carl: It started in my imagination as a child who loved film and television. I was that WEIRD KID who'd go to see movies and watch the same film over and over. PINK PANTHER, JAMES BOND, MATT HELM....romantic comedies with JACK LEMMON.....SIDNEY started in my imagination very early. I never saw this as real until much, much later. When I speak to young people today, I encourage them to listen to their imagination and walk in that direction. I know now that it's God speaking and leading them. Don't listen to people; especially relatives who say you can't do it. Film, Television...even radio and music....affected me in inordinate ways....and directed me to where I am today. I went the long way around, but I'm thankful for every beat of my experience.

8 iMagazine / March 2017