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Purpose And Destiny The Real Reason Why 'to Thine Self Be True'

I know quite a few people who are reeling from life’s harsh dictates to be prominent and prevalent in society. Coping skills can be deficient when there’s no wherewithal to succeed because you don’t know who you are, and to what extent should success be. Real dreamers, people who have dreams that may be scary to most, and whose dreams who were probably scary to them before they accomplished them, all know all that is portrayed above... the simple fact is, the power to your destiny is in your hands which will manifest destined value! The decisions that you make will have great effect on where you are actually able to go in life. If you aren't really happy with where your life is right now, then it is time to make some changes.

I remember before God became much more than my prayers when I wasn’t doing what was required of me. I didn’t cultivate that garden He gave me, didn’t plant enough seeds, couldn’t prune and cultivate the wisdom that was there for the picking. I wanted more, and went on a personal crusade to find out the inner me that was deep within my soul waiting to be discovered. When we settle for less than all that we dream, we aren't only left without a dream, we will eventually be left with huge pockets full of emptiness in our lives, and burdens that weight us down powerless to move, mingle and motivate. I tell people all the time that’s it’s important to have passion for Just being happy is something that we can all do, but you must have a plan. Better yet, when it comes to destiny, we all have an arrival point, and a purpose to fulfill. Know that the meaning of destiny is part of our existence, for it is the customized life calling for which God has equipped and ordained in us in order to bring Him the greatest glory and the maximum expansion of His Kingdom. Often times we look at the things we don't have and we complain, instead of being grateful for the life that we already have, and the fact that our lives will always have the potential to get better. Though many of us are very ready to grow up, mature and do the things that we dream about, it is important to grasp the concept that not everyone around you will be ready to go along with the changes you feel that you must make in your life. Have you ever had friends, family and other acquaintances tell you that you can’t or won’t succeed in anything of your choice? Never let the people who aren't ready for going the places that you are going stop you and eventually drag you back in a place they may want you to be happy. Understand that you aren't going to always be happy about leaving behind people in your life that aren't willing to change, but leaving behind friends and family who drag or slow you down, will only help bless you, so that you may be better able to help bless them later. Change is the one thing that we don’t adhere to, especially if someone tells you that they have a better way. Change is good to some extent, but remember that without change in your life, you leave no chance for yourself to grow, and if you are no longer growing, in actuality you are doing nothing more than dying faster. Nothing really worth having in life comes super easy. For every failure, there are successes that wouldn’t be without challenging status quo and willing to take a few risks, and make a few choices that may not be the most popular choice. Yes, you must be true to yourself in not being thrown off the pace because one door was closed to you...when they close others are opened for you. If you're brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.

The poorest man is one without a dream. Imagine Dr. Martin Luther King without a vision to propel his goals? I can corroborate that by eliciting the point that the most frustrated man in the world is the man with a dream that never comes to reality. Think Malcolm X and you get my drift! I hate to harp back to that garden again, but I’m convinced that God created and gave us the gift of imagination providing us with a mere glimpse of our purpose in life as we cultivate the hidden ability we already have. Sometimes we have to be brave enough to say goodbye to the life we used to know, so that we can make a better life for ourselves. We can learn from our pasts, by acquiring the knowledge so that wisdom can extrapolate to greater heights. Be vociferous and validated in that which will be logical and where reasoning can only discern within the context of your own awareness. I learned this the hard way, and have been better in my walk for it. To transform yourself into the new upgraded version, you have to be willing to upgrade. Upgrading may mean that you remove some of the older parts of yourself, parts that no longer benefit you, and replace them with new parts! These new parts have to be parts that actually contribute to making you a better you! Forget the fear of change and uncertainty, and make a clear goal of where you want to be. I close by saying this: Purpose is the reason why anything and everything was made for us to begin with. It is the end for which the means exists. Moreover, it is the source of the dream and the vision you carried in your heart searching for destiny. Be true to yourself with the necessary keys to your fulfillment knowing that who you are can only be manifested by your belief in Him who sustains you!

Alvin Romer

Magazine / March 2017 5