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Editor ' s Note

Words from the Senior Managing Editor …
Greetings , We are springing into our second issue of Men of Faith in 2017 . Speaking of spring … spring is now upon us ! My favorite time of the year … where things come back to life ! Spring is the time of the year where things that once appeared absent of life becomes vibrant and life enriched . When you think of spring … words such as vividness , rejuvenation , enrichment , growth , newness , and encouragement , to name a few , may come in mind . That is what we seek for not only this issue … but also every issue of MOF . We want to provide vivid articles that rejuvenate the mind while enriching the mind and soul . We want to encourage you to want to grow , feel the need to grow , and go out in the world to help others grow !
We are pleased and honored to feature in this issue Brother Carl Gilliard , accomplished actor , producer , and director . In the light of all the criticism that shadows the movie industry due it ’ s unfair treatment of men and women of color , Brother Gilliard brings us hope and that breath of fresh air that we can breathe knowing that he is not just able to wear just one hat but three in this “ people of color challenged ” industry . His interview shows us that with the right mindset … color will not / should not stop you from marching to the beat of your own drum to accomplish your dreams and aspirations . Check out his awesomeand very encouraging interview and see how he is able to maintain the three hats he wears and wears well . Also … continue to be entertained by the writings of the contributing brothers of Men of Faith . These brothers all work diligently at bringing to you a taste of “ spring ” within the words expressed through their contributions . The conscious brothers that grace the pages of this magazine seek to plant within the minds of each one of you seeds that are springtime worthythat are intendedto sprout , leaving you full from the harvest of knowledge . We seek to cultivate minds with insightful and entertaining knowledge that is meant to help someone in need of food for thought . We continue to strive through our articles to educate , uplift , motivate , inspire , and create a magazine by men for men . With this magazine , our mission continues to be to address many topics that men not only want to hear but also need to hear . With that being said …
Happy Reading & Much Love ! Hurley Morgan Senior Managing Editor
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