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“ A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don ’ t need it .” That is according to Bob Hope .
20 OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2020 SA Real Estate Investor Magazine
INSPIRATION My dream is to make others’ dreams a reality Drop out, Bookseller & tech inventor at 28 More often than not, we hear from motivational speakers and successful people that it is through escaping the comfort zone that you find success, either in entrepreneurship or in personal growth. Almost the same sentiment is shared by our inspiring young person this month. SIDIMA MFEKU H ailing from the Eastern Cape, 28 years old Hlumelo Nyaluza who is making it big in the tech space in Johannesburg says all he hopes to see is the prosperity of young people’s dreams through his “avant garde” and “over the top” work. Nyaluza is occupying spaces in almost all industries, and cementing himself in the notion ‘sky is the limit.’ “I live and breathe being against the norm,” He says. My Story It is undoubted that the success of this app and the manner in which Hlumelo Nyaluza’s dreams are coming true certifies and affirms that staying true to what you’re destined for. Maybe having dropped out of University was a sign that his success lies not on having an honers degree just yet. “From the success of myself published world exclusive book, Navigate Humans: Be Against Normality, which sold out in 17 stores, I was approached by an Asian IT company called Techcom. Motivation It was on the 10th of February 2020 that the app which Nyaluza designed was released. Excited about the traction the app had gained, Nyaluza says his app made content for almost every other media company. “In one month, the app got 1000+ downloads, got featured in four national media interviews, attracted users from across six countries (three continents), the app trended number six globally on Google Play Store it was just three spots behind the $15 billion Snapchat. Just last week we celebrated users from across 100 cities/towns registered in SA alone. It trended to number seven globally on the same week.” 44 OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2020 SA Real Estate Investor Magazine “The app is growing to such an extent that it caught the attention of a prominent businessman that has a company that crosses R110 million annually. He is acquiring shares. We were also approached by a New York based social investment company called AHGO that will help us with administration, operations and raising millions in the mere future should the growth of the app overwhelm us. After dropping out of University twice, he kept the faith and published a very inspiring book that saw him bag an opportunity to collaborate with an IT company to create and release an app connects you to the world in the homepage, Global Posts. This app saw Nyaluza featuring on many mainstream media publications and broadcasters. “They wanted to create an app that is as unique and empowering like my previous HN projects. I designed HN CitiPages concept, they loved it and started developing it November 2018.” Hlumelo Nyaluza January 2021. The success of this app has definitely surpassed the expectations of its inventors. It is now gaining investor confidence. According to Nyaluza, the app is valued at R3.7 million and the R161 000 that has been raised in the past two months is going to be used in creating a new version of the same app which will be released between December 2020 and What motivates me is my purpose in life, doing what I was sent to do in this world, being of service to the masses, inspiring and empowering the destined through my avant- garde creations or ventures. My dream in life is to make dreams of other people come true through my imaginations turned to reality. The inspired, those who see my vision for the future, the ones that are destined to be leaders in their fields, the underdogs, the ones that are destined to be great but are silenced by the system/society but are still striving. I call them Human Navigators. They will navigate humans through to the future in respective fields from nothing and change the world. For the youth Many are still stuck in societal ways of doing things, stuck in trends, but this is the most liberated generation, mentally, we are the chain breakers, fire is catching, this is the generation that will change the rules breaking all the curses that held the world back. There’s a movement, a revolution is in the making, with the app I want to create the culture and make sure everyone’s mindset is changed forever for us to create a great world, change it forever. Changing the world runs in his veins. If it doesn’t run through yours, inject yourself the inspiration antidote we are offering you this month. Be inspired. SA Real Estate Investor Magazine OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2020 45