Real Estate Investor October 2020 October/November 2020 - Page 23



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Convenience Meets Security
Gated estates meet the need of not only a sense of neighbourhood connectivity , but also for convenience , privacy , security , and even proof of status that overcrowded cities no longer provide .
Bank on this Advice
Business owners and freelancers often think that it is impossible for them to get financing from the bank because they are self-employed . The reality , however , is that banks want to help all industries and types of people .
Breaking Boundaries
Despite the reputations of our inner cities as run-down and dangerous , disused inner-city buildings have unlimited potential to not only generate profits , but to enrich the lives of urban dwellers by becoming centres of commerce , culture , and community building .


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Are South Africans Planning Ahead ?
Home loans are still on the rise particularly amongst first-time buyers . Avoid making a common mistake that first-time buyers do , which is buying impulsively and based on emotion as the repo rate has decreased .
10 Things to Ask your Rental Payment Provider
There are many payment applications and software providers claiming to do all it takes to manage rental payments , but rental payment processing is not for the unprepared . In reality , payment service providers are governed .
Letting Agents : Why you Need One & How to Find a Good One
Covid-19 has highlighted the fact that managing properties , and tenants , is becoming ever more complex , and they need help from properly trained and qualified letting agents who also comply with relevant legislation and regulations .