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its ability to help with property and investment research , discussed more in detail below .
Proptech tools to assist with investment research include :
• Ooba Home Loan ’ s online tools and calculators . South Africa ’ s largest mortgage originator has an app that provides extremely useful calculators to better understand the costs associated with buying a property .
• TPN Credit Bureau ’ s Online Portal . TPN ’ data includes property valuation information as well as rental data and demographics which enable you to make informed decisions based on data .
• Lightstone Property Solutions . This is a great tool for providing property valuation data , area sales history and enables you to obtain contact details for the property owner . They include both property toolkits and once-off reports .
• Property Inspect . Also known for having the most advanced property inspection software on the market , this is a great tool for fulfilling your obligations in terms of the Rental Housing Act on joint inspections at the commencement and conclusion of a lease agreement . Online documented and backed up inspections with photos and accurate descriptions provides a landlord with the opportunity to prove any damage claims accurately should the need arise .
Going hand-in-hand with the research capability of proptech , business tech tools include :
• InvestmentBox . Has a great calculator to assist in running the numbers on your investment property giving an indication on the Return on Investment whether you are looking to buy and sell the property for profit or buy and hold for investment purposes .
• BidX1 . I believe this tool to be the future of real estate transactions . Open market , transparent and electronic , everything the property purchasing process should be about .
• Zoho . com . I particularly like using Zoho Sign for electronic signatures of agreements .
Finally , there are a wealth of educational resources available online , many of which are available for free . I personally recommend using :
• Audible
• Youtube
• Udemy
• iBooks
• EPiC South Africa
• The Unsh * t Show ( Podcast )
Start off with a strong foundation
Your ability to access educational content without spending thousands of Rands on seminars and courses has never been easier . Although there is value in spending money on specialised , focused , expert led courses , there is plenty of content , education and information available online at extremely affordable levels to get you started .
As an expert led property investment education brand , EPiC offers :
• Free property investment basics and eBooks
• 6 module property investment training
• Free property development eBook
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